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Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

It was a pretty rare event, but I was listening to the radio this morning and the DJ was reading an article about how positive thinking does not work and how a lot of people who are into self improvement are being duped.

I don’t know the source he was referring too but I would have liked to have read that article. I always like to see things from all angles.

Some of the comments he made referring to the article made sense.


It’s not about positive thinking. It’s about a positive attitude accompanied by positive action!

Positive thinking without goal achieving action is absolutely delusional. When you think all you have to do is maintain positive thinking and you do not take goal achieving action, you will certainly end up being very sad! And you will throw your hands up in the air and say… “This stuff just doesn’t work!” and then give up!

The fact is the only one responsible for your success is… YOU! And your ability to provide service that others are willing to pay for.

This applies to everyone! No matter what your sex, race or sexual orientation is. And no matter what the government tells you!

When you have a positive way of looking at your life with all the ups and downs and you follow that up with activity that serves other profitably, your life will end up fine.


As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • The thing that I find intriguing is that the DJ does not realize that we are always thinking! You cannot tell me that the champions from all walks of life don't think more optimistically than those who are mediocre! Call it what you will: disciplined, optimistic thinking is a key success factor for all greatness.