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The Power of Focus

With all the bad news we are hearing about on the TV and the radio lately, it’s hardly a mystery why some us may have lost a little focus on what really matters.

The one thing that we need to keep in mind is that… what we focus on expands.

If we are focusing on the bad things that are going on, we will simply manifest more of that in our lives.

But if we start to focus on what we contribute to others that brings value into their lives, we will be rewarded accordingly.

Some may argue that you shouldn’t walk around with your head buried in the sand while all this bad stuff is happening. And I agree to a certain point to this but I want you to think about this…

Bad news sells better than good news.

This is a fact that can not be disputed.

Controversy always makes headlines and news stories. This takes the focus off of you and your efforts and puts the problem and the responsibility on another person or group of people to change in order to make you happy.

According to ADV SEO Services Melbourne, when you maintain your focus on the value that you provide and find ways to bring that talent to the market place and make a profit selling your value to others willing to pay for it, you are heading in the right direction.

As a matter of fact, this is your soul responsibility on this earth. To provide a value to others with your God given talents.

I am listing a few links below that will help you get your focus back, I hope you take advantage of these resources and start to get your focus back on what matters most and that is the value that you bring to the table.

When we all start to take this approach, our economic problems and unemployment problems will soon be over.

Please pass this message on to everyone you know and make sure they pass it on to everyone they know and let’s start to turn these problems around starting right where we stand.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Here are the links I promised to help us get some focus on the value that we can provide.

Personal Development Training

Simpleology 101 – The Simple Science of Getting What You Want

Simpleology 103 – The Simple Science of Personal Energy

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Kaizen Club

Great Teachers Series

Jacque Fresco Teaches Drawing

Dr. Joe Vitale Teaches the Law of Attraction

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Ted Nicholas Video

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Recession-Proof Your Career Strategy Cashmap

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Voice of the Customer Strategy Cashmap

Word of Mouth Transformation 12 Month Program

7-Day Business Turn Around

Marketing Success Training

The Great Formula eBook

Mind Control Marketing

Simpleology Electives: The Irresistible Offer

Internet Marketing Success Training

Online Affiliate Income – Social Media Marketing

Online Affiliate Income – Article Marketing

Traffic Explosion Cashmap Club

Traffic through Back Links, Content Distribution and Dynamic Linking Strategy Cashmap

Traffic through Social Media Content Syndication Strategy Cashmap

Autoresponder Strategy Cashmap

Marketing with MySpace Strategy Cashmap

Make Money with Blogger.com Strategy Cashmap

PayPal Strategy Cashmap

Traffic Generation with Squidoo Strategy Cashmap

Making Money with Squidoo Strategy Cashmap

Blog Marketing Strategy Cashmap

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Video Marketing Strategy Cashmap

Squidoo Essentials Strategy Cashmap

Social Media Marketing Strategy Cashmap

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Email Survival Action Cashmap

Twitter Marketing Strategy Cashmap

How to Become a Best Selling Author

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