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Use it or Lose It!

If you are on this blog, my guess is, you are looking to achieve some level of success in your life.

I like to use this definition of success that has been penned by the late, great Earl Nightingale.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.

Let’s use this as our basis…

When we look at that definition, we actually have to start at the end of the definition. “Worthy goal or ideal” – this is the starting point of all success. Without a “Worthy goal or ideal”, we have nothing to focus our strengths and abilities on. We may be going through some motions to survive but we are not really exercising our God given talents and skills unless we are moving towards our “Worthy goal or ideal”.

The next thing we have to look at is the middle of the definition. “Progressive realization” – this is where we have to take a measurement of our actions. Are we actually making progress towards our “worthy goal or ideal”. If we aren’t making progress towards our goal, we need to start taking different action.

Here is another definition that I like: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

If we are not willing to change our actions, we will continue to get the same results or even diminishing results. Actually diminishing results is more true then not. This is exactly why we are facing the problems we have going on right now in the US.

We have become lock step and we have not been using the talents that God has been giving us, and we are currently losing what we have built as a country to this point.

BUT… We only have the ability to control ourselves and what we are doing. So the key is for us to focus on the talents that God has given us and find ways to PROFITABLY serve others.

That’s right the evil word… PROFIT!

When we profit, we not only fulfill our desires but we also pave the way for others to realize there dreams by creating jobs that serve as springboards for those who have not found what their talents and abilities are yet.

Not only that but you serve as a roll model for others to emulate.

But never forget, if you do not use your God given talents, you will lose them.

Start today!

In Napoleon Hill’s great book, Think and Grow Rich, he has a whole chapter dedicated to Desire. All Success starts with DESIRE! If you would like to get a FREE copy of this book you can go to http://www.FreeTGRbook.com/lifetosuccess

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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