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Now more then ever, It’s time to Be Thankful!

In the US, We will be celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday.

Where most of us will be spending time with family and friends over a turkey and watching football after dinner and for me personally, taking a little nap after the meal. (I hope, I don’t snore to loudly on the couch.)

With these trying times, some people will find it very difficult to find things to be thankful for. If you are recently laid off or have been laid off for a while and have not been able to find a job, you may find yourself even a little bitter about things.

As someone who has been laid off in the past, I can certainly feel where you may be coming from.

If you happen to be in this situation, I hope you can find it in your heart to start finding things to be thankful for.

Being grateful for what you do have, is a great way of getting things turned around.

Don’t give up on yourself and start to look for ways to be of service to others even if it is on a voluntary basis. This will start getting you back in to the game.

The only time that failure truly happens is when we give up!

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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