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What is Success?

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced everyday, while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated everyday. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgements that leads us to either fortune or failure.” – Jim Rohn

I think this is one of the greatest quotes by Jim Rohn.

He had a talent for breaking down complicated ideas into a way that made them very easy to understand.

When I think of that quote, I think of the word “disciplines” and I think of our habits. Habits are formed by our thoughts and the actions we take on those thoughts.

When our actions are congruent with the “positive” thoughts that we have we are making forward progress. But when our actions are not inline with those “positive” thoughts we are not making forward progress.

Let’s look at our eating habits to illustrate this. When we think about ourselves eating sensibly and healthy but we end up at the McDonald’s drive thru getting the Big Mac for every meal, we are not creating the proper habits to get us to where we would like to be.

The key is to get our actions to be in line with the picture of what we would like our lives to be like.

Another person that I have great respect for is Lee Milteer. She has put together a great program that addresses our habits and the way we can go about getting our actions to be congruent with the thoughts that we have for our ideal life and creating the habits to make that happen.

If you would like to check out that program, you can go to http://www.habitbustingsystem.com .

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this message on to everyone you know who can use these thoughts and make sure to get over to http://www.habitbustingsystem.com and start to take control of your habits today!

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