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Your Path to Success

“Some people are disturbed by those tough days because all they have is the days. They haven’t designed or described or defined the future.” – Jim Rohn

When you are working on your dreams and goals, it is very easy to get down in the doldrums if all you focus on is the day to day activity with out keeping your vision fresh in your mind.

The key is to make sure to keep you goal or design for your life fresh in your mind to keep you motivated.

For example, it is starting to become springtime where I am and some will set off to get their bodies in shape for the beach riding the best kayaks. So they set off to the gym and to the health food stores and they are off.

But summer is still a few months away and we still have to go through April showers to get to those May flowers, right??

But when those showers start, sometimes we forget that the summer is coming and so is the beach and we forget to keep going to the gym and the health food store.

The key is to keep the summer fresh in our minds until summer arrives!

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As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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