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No Excuse Living

Are you living your life with no excuses?

Or are your days filled with looking at things outside of yourself as the reason for you not being where you want to be with your life?

We have a habitual way of looking at things…

We either look at life as our responsibility or we look at ourselves as victims of what is going on outside of us.

Make no mistake, we are responsible for where we are. Our lives can not change until we take full responsibility for our lives. Once we do this then we can make the changes necessary to start moving our lives forward in the direction of our choosing with no excuses.

This is the starting point of great success for anyone who wants to venture down that road.

When we except full responsibility for our lives, we need to start looking at our habitual thinking and our habitual actions. These are the habits that have gotten to where we are and these are the habits we need to change in order to get us to where we want to go.

Areas that we need to focus on:

1. Our Health – This is probably by far one of the key areas that we need to focus on. Without our health, every other area of our life becomes a challenge.

2. Our Relationships – We probably got most of our bad habits from the people we were surrounded with since birth. This doesn’t make them bad people. They were only passing on the information to us that they knew, through their habitual way of thinking and acting. We need to leave all bad feeling about others behind. If we hold on to bad feelings about others, these feelings hold us back like anchors.

3. Our Finances – The way we handle our finances is very important. If we get ourselves into debt, we severely limit our options.

4. Our Skills – We need to continually work on the skills we have in order to serve others profitably.

This is just a short list but a great place to start.

Your habits are very important and the sooner you get them under your control the better.

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As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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