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Success One Moment at a Time

When we set off to do anything that goes against our normal habitual way of living, we often challenge ourselves with every conceivable limitation that we can have on the way to our goal.

When we set a goal to eat properly, we end up not starting because we think about all the hamburgers on the grill we will miss during the summer time. And you know we love those hamburgers on the grill.

We set off to become more fit but we don’t make it to the gym because we know that we are going to be real busy during the holidays. The problem with that is that it is September and not anywhere near the holidays yet.

As the saying goes, “A journey of a million miles starts with a SINGLE step.”

When we set goals for ourselves, we put too much pressure on ourselves up front by having to solve all the issues we may have before we start out. This is insane and is one of the reasons why most of us are stuck, right where we are at.

Let’s take a look at the process for a minute:

1. We have a desire to change something about us. A habitual way of acting or thinking that is not longer serving us.

2. We need to set up a plan on how we are going to bridge the gap from where we are to where we want to go.

3. We need to take action. Not every action necessary, just one thing to get going. When you have done that, feel good about yourself and then take the next step.

4. We need to adjust to the feedback and take steps to correct, if necessary. This is where we need to start looking at the thinking habits that may be causing us not to make any forward progress.

5. If you have a set back, don’t beat yourself up. Pick yourself up and get going again on the right track.

This is a habitual way of acting and thinking that can change your life. I hope you have had a chance to check out the Habit Busting System at http://www.habitbustingsystem.com, it is a great resource that can help you change the habits that may be holding you back.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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