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Your Success and The Power of Non-Judgement

We do it everyday…

We walk around and we are constantly judging.

This person is that…

This situation is that…

I wish that had happened instead of that…

That sucked…

Judging things good and bad can cause us to miss things. You may be saying to yourself, “John, what the heck are you talking about?”

Well if we judge things as good, we may be missing a better option. And if we judge something as bad, we will certainly miss out on the benefit of something that is better.

This is especially important when dealing with people.

EVERYONE has strengths that can benefit others. When we negatively judge others we tend not to see the benefit they can provide to others, no matter what they look like or what they do. The only ingredient missing could be some understanding and an example of someone not judging them.

Think of it this way, if you judge them for what they do or what they look like, my guess is so is everyone else. If you are the one that does not judge them, they may be open to your positive influence.

Let’s take a look at a bad situation: You get pulled over for a traffic violation. By all accounts this would suck. You may be looking at an increase in your insurance premiums, this sucks…

But upon being released by the officer, you drive up to a fifteen car pile up that you would have been in the middle of.

That ticket doesn’t seem all that bad at that point.

Now this is not to say that we have to suppress our feelings or not mourn the passing of a loved one, but we do need to look for the positive that comes out of the “bad” things that tend to happen to us.

Everything happens for a reason, and most of it is because of the habitual thinking and action that we engage in everyday.

Our habits will determine our success and we need to vigilantly be looking to improve our habits on a daily basis, the Habit Busting System is a great resource that can help you with this, make sure to check it out today!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

P.S. Make sure to pass this on to everyone in your email list, it is important to be a positive in the life of others, and make sure to visit the Habit Busting System and take control of your habits today!

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  • As for the ticket another positive is that you will quickly learn to obey traffic laws. After getting 2 tickets 1 month after buying my new BMW I learned this lesson real quickly 😉

    If we can suspend judgement for a split second our world changes. God makes each situation inherently perfect. Our human emotions can't see this perfection instantly, especially in the case of a tragedy but down the road it's easier to see why it happened and how we grew from it.

    Great points John.

    • Hey Ryan,

      You got that right, a couple of tickets will straighten out a few driving issues real fast!!

      If God is perfect, you would expect that every situation is exactly as he wants it. If it causes us a little discomfort then there is something that we have to learn from that situation or He will make sure that it repeats in our lives until we get the message.

      Thank you for contributing to the LifetoSuccess.com blog.

      Make sure to check out my new blog at http://www.noexcusesuccessfulliving.com

      Here's to Your LifetoSuccess,