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Memorial Day and How to Truly Honor those Who have died for our Freedom

In the US, we will be celebrating Memorial Day. This holiday is to honor all those have died in military service. The holiday was first started after the end of the Civil War. I found this very interesting. It was to honor the Union Soldiers who died who died during the American Civil War.

The Civil War that was fought for the freedom of ALL American Citizens.

It was expanded over time to include all those who have died in the US military service.

So how can we truly honor those who have died in helping to make our country free?

We can go after our dreams with a vengeance that will honor those who have died for our freedom.

This is the ultimate honor.

When we sit on the sidelines simply letting life happen to us, we give up the freedom that these people have died for. But when we take up a cause that is important to us and move forward with bringing that vision to reality, we are truly exercising the freedom that has been provided to us.

Areas that we may want to look at to start living our dreams:

1. Our health and fitness – In order to properly to make our dreams come to life, we need to be in optimum health. With all the talk about health care and the exploding cost of health care on our nation, we truly need to look at ourselves and make the decision to take better care of ourselves. The last thing that we want to do is to have our freedoms striped away because our government feels that they can better manage our health.

As for what you eat and the fitness program that you participate in, is certainly your decision to make, is it working for you and are you getting healthier?

Is your plan in this area causing you to be in better shape to pursue your dreams?

2. Career and Financial – For as long as I can remember, I have heard that Social Security will not be there when I reach retirement age. I have been contributing to my 401K plan in an effort to NOT to rely on Social Security.

I often participate in training that improves my job skills to be able to provide better service to the people that I serve.

This again is a personal choice that we have in our free country but if we do not continually look for ways to make ourselves, self sufficient, we will end up being at the mercy of those who will provide for us.

As far as I am concerned this is another form of slavery and this would truly be a slap in the face of those who have died for our freedom.

3. Family and community – I have always thought that it is important to make sure that my children grow up with the idea that they are responsible for their own happiness. I have always thought that it is important to pass on the idea that, in order for them to reach their goals they need to find a way to positively serve those around them in a profitable way AND to spend time helping those who can not help themselves.

As my children move on out of the household, they will have the freedom to embrace these ideas or they will choose to reject these ideas. In this free country that many have died for, this is their right.

I feel confident that they will make the right decision, simply by having been exposed to this information.

So the questions that we need to honestly ask ourselves is…

Are living our lives in a manner that fully takes advantage of the freedom that we have? Are we vigorously pursuing our dreams?

And would those who have to died to help provide this freedom be proud of us?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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