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Your Success and Your Ability to Persist Until You Reach Your Goals

One of the most important things to reaching any goal is the level of persistence we exercise in achieving that goal. Our ability to stick to it until we see it through.

The problem that we tend to have is giving up at the first sign of difficulty or even worse we don’t even start because we build up to many blocks before we even start.

Sometimes before we even start, we will go over every blockade that we may face before we set out on the goal but we will stop before we even get going.

Here are a few ideas to get us past the not starting phase:

1. We need to build up our goals and list as many WHYS as we can in order to get us off the ground and moving forward with that goal.

2. We need to get going on this goal before we have the perfect plan. We have a tendency to wait for the PERFECT plan to develop and end up losing sight of our goal in the mean time and never get started on the goal.

3. Do something that moves you towards your goal everyday. If you start to see progress, you will keep the fire burning under that desire.

If you take some time to get as many WHYS as possible, take action towards your goals before you have the PERFECT plan, and do something everyday moving you towards your goal, you will keep the desire burning and nothing should get in your way but if it does you’ll have enough steam to bulldoze over the obstacles.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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