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Your Success, Your Goals, and Concentrating on YOUR Highest Priorities

I am in the middle of really taking a look at my life and re-connecting with goals that I have let go for a little while. I have my Franklin-Covey Planner out and I am working on my values, roles, and my mission statement. Fortunately, I have been doing this for a lot of years and most of the things that I write in these exercises pretty much stay the same.

It is important to have goals.

Clearly written, detailed, and time bound goals. This is one of the greatest success skills that you can ever develop. It is not an easy task. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. The fact is nearly 95% or more of the population of this earth live their entire lives without goals. Isn’t that weird!

Think about the advances we would make if we move that percentage down a little bit.

If we were to become crystal clear and precise about what is that we want, we would become like a laser beam cutting through steel with the energy needed to accomplish it.

One of the major hold ups for most is low self esteem.

The fact that we look at ourselves as not worthy of accomplishing anything. And all this from taking in thoughts from others around us, that as well meaning as they may have been, that were negative and degrading. And some of these internal thoughts about yourself have been there since the day you were born.

Think about it…

There is probably a person that you go to whenever you have what you think is a good idea. An idea that if you accomplish it would really change your life around. But when you present this idea to this person, they may say something like, “You’ll never do that, you never finish what you start.”

Or these people will seem to be supportive but they will throw up all the cautions that you should consider even though they very rarely anything outside of their comfort zone.

Well here are the facts:

1. The goal that you have is YOURS… Not theirs! – This is an important fact. As we can tell from the percentage of people who do not have goals, the chances are pretty good that the person you may have divulged your goals may not have goals.

2. This is YOUR life… Not theirs! – When the day comes that you have to answer to your maker for what you have done, it will only be you and him. No one else will be there standing by your side to take the fall if you fell short. So you have to take responsibility for your life no matter what has caused you to get to where you are right now.

3. It is never too late to start – In Napoleon Hill’s great book, Think and Grow Rich, he writes about people who did not succeed until they were well past their 40’s. Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald’s, was well into his 50’s before he made great things happen in his life.

The key is to never give up on yourself or your goals.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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