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Key to Staying Motivated: Stay on point…

There are distractions all around us.

Before I am done writing this blog post I will probably be interrupted by something about 5 times, which is a habit that I am currently reprogramming.

The key to great success and staying motivated is to keep your energy focused on the task that has the highest pay off for you that is moving you towards the priorities that you have set for YOURSELF.

If you noticed I emphasized the word… yourself.

When we can create the habit of working on the things that mean the most to us, we have broken free from many chains that have been holding us back for years and years. If you develop this habit early in your lower 20’s, you can live a very fruitful and productive life.

If you develop this habit in your mid 40’s, you may be able to turn your life on a dime and live the rest of your life being extremely productive.

The point here being that this is one of the most important habits that we can develop to live a highly productive life.

And as with the law of cause and effect, with increased productivity comes increased rewards.

Here are a few ideas to that may help you get focused on your highest priorities:

1. Put together a goals list and list them from the most important to the least important – This will help you start to organize your mind and increase your focus on what is important to you. Another thing here that is very important is to make sure that you have a very balanced list of goals. This will help you when you come to a point that you can no longer work on one goal, you can easily move to another goal.

List should be balanced between: career/business, financial, relationships, fitness/health, spiritual, education/training

2. Write down the actions that are necessary to achieve the most important goals to you and then start taking action immediately on your highest priority goal – Do not wait until everything is perfect before you take action. Everything will never be perfect before you start. And make sure to do something everyday towards the accomplishment of your important goals no matter how small it is.

3. React to the feedback by seeking the advice of those WHO have accomplished what you are looking to accomplish – For some reason we all have a tendency to seek advice from those who have not accomplished what we are looking to accomplish. We will go see our broke uncle for financial advice. Or our overweight brother for fitness advice.

I contend that this is a form of procrastination unless we are seeking advise on what NOT to do but that will still be a waste of time.

We need to look for advise from those who can help us take the ACTION necessary to reach our goals.

4. NEVER GIVE UP – No matter what is happening in your life or how hard things get always make sure you are taking forward action. When your goals get bigger you will find a point that you will start failing. I believe this is necessary in our growth and is the price to be paid in order for us to deserve what we are going for.

I hope these tips help you in search of your goals, if we make this a habitual way of thinking and acting there is nothing that we can not achieve if we focus our energies in the right direction.

Make sure to check out Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System, this is one of the most powerful programs that you will find on habit change. It has been working wonders for me and she has ideas that you can implement in your life starting today that will help change your life forever.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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