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Key to Staying Motivated: Try Something Different…

As we go through our day, if you take notice you will see that there are patterns that we have set up for ourselves.

We get up at the same time almost everyday, we progress through our days in pretty much the same fashion everyday, week in week out, year in year out. BUt here is where the problem lies…

If we are looking to get different results in our lives, then we NEED to do something different to make that happen.

We need to change the way we habitually THINK and ACT.

We can not just think our way out of this we need to take action on our NEW thinking in order to make the changes we desire.

Here are some action steps to consider when you are looking to make changes in our lives:

1. Desire – We need to have a desire to change something in our lives. This is the first step in all great endeavors. If you do not have a desire to change, you will not change.

2. What are you thinking that causes your current situation – There are thought patterns in your mind that are causing you to be in the current undesirable situation. You need to root those thoughts out and get them to the surface for extermination.

3. What NEW thoughts need to be in place to bring about the change you desire – We need to replace the old limiting thoughts with the new empowering thoughts.

4. Why do you want to make this change – This is a critical point, we need to tie emotion to the new thoughts so they can take root in our mind and choke out the old limiting thinking. The more reasons with emotion that we can tie to changing this limiting thought the better our chances are of making it stick.

So here are some thoughts to consider here:

Why is it important to change?

What will happen if I stay on this current path?

How will this change positively effect me and those around me?

How will staying on this current path negatively effect me and those around me?

5. Take action – We need to take action towards the desire we seek. Without action, we will never get there.

6. Adjust your action with the feedback and seek advice from those who have gone before you – If you are not moving towards your desire, you need to adjust the action you are taking. Make sure to seek advice from those who have done what you desire, NOT from those who have not. This is a key point.

7. Never Give Up! – No matter what, never give up. The only time that we truly fail in our lives is when we give up. So never give up and you will never fail. Your efforts before you get there may have failed but if you keep going and never stop, you will eventually get to your desire.

One of the best programs that I have found on Habit Change is Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System, if you are serious about living a successful life life, I highly recommend it.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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