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Key to Staying Motivated: The two things that we have COMPLETE control over…

This should become a eye opener for some out there who may feel that everything is stacked up against them.

There are a couple of things that we have COMPLETE control over….

Those things are:

1. Our Thoughts

2. Our Actions

No matter what is happening in our lives good or bad, we have complete control over these two things.

Here is another eye opener… we are exactly where we are in our lives because of how we control these two things. Good or Bad.

If we have vague thoughts about our lives, we have vague results.

If we have very clear thoughts about our lives, we have very clear results.

And this is a good and bad scenario.

Here are some actions steps to consider when it comes to our thoughts and actions:

1. Become very clear about what you want in your life – It is key to become very clear about what we want in our lives and keep your thoughts off of what you don’t want. Make sure to be clear about what you want with regards to your relationships, fitness level, financial level, career and spiritual life.

2. Keep you actions congruent with the thoughts of what you want in your life – The only way to move forward towards the ideal picture you want in your life is to make sure that you keep your actions inline with the result you are seeking.

3. Pay attention to what you are thinking – Make sure to be conscious of what you are thinking. You will find thoughts that are rattling around in your head that will surprise you. You can also find these limiting thoughts come out of your mouth when faced with certain questions so listen to your stock answers when faced with questions. Some assumptions are very limiting and act as anchors that you are holding you back.

When we only have complete control over two things in our lives, it is extremely important that we make sure to protect those two things and make sure that we control these things with all of our might.

Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System is a great program that outlines some very detailed ways making sure to get these two things to work together in a way that moves you to the life you are looking to have for yourself. Make sure to check it out!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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