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Key to Staying Motivated: Do Something Everyday that Moves you Forward towards your goal…

One of the major keys to living a successful life is having goals but it takes daily action to make those goals a reality.

Here’s a quick question:

What goals are you destined NOT to reach?

The goals that you do not take daily action to achieve. It’s that simple.

If you are not taking daily action towards your goals you will loose momentum and motivation. And you will become stalled in you efforts.

And you when you become stalled in your efforts, you might have well not even set the goal to begin with.

When you become wishy washy about achieving your goals you get wishy washy results and the end result is blaming this personal development stuff and that it doesn’t work.

Here are some thoughts to consider when it comes to taking daily action:

1. You must control your thinking – You have to focus your mind on what you want and off of what you don’t want. This is a habit that has to developed in order to achieve any level of success.

2. You must control your actions – If your actions are NOT congruent with the goal you desire you never reach your goal. Let’s look at an example: Let’s say that you are looking to lose weight, this is your desire. BUT everyday you make it to the drive through for the double cheeseburger, super sized fries and super sized sugar filled soda, that action is not congruent with your desire and you will never reach your desired outcome. This is a habit as well.

3. If you are getting push back from yourself, you need to isolate the limiting thought that is creating the push back and replace it with another thought that is empowering and in line with your desired outcome – Here is a great example of someone that I was talking to the other day: He was telling me that all the women at crazy. Now this a person when you look at all his relationships, the women involved would be considered crazy.

But here is the real question: What was proceeded the women or the thought? I would say the thought. I suggested that he change that thinking immediately and if he did the women who came into his life would be greatly different.

All these things have one thing in common, they are all a result of the way we habitually think and act. When we take control of the way we habitually think and act, our life changes in dramatic ways.

The key is to take control of that habit. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System and you are having challenges with your habitual thinking and actions make sure you get over there today and get it!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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