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Key to Staying Motivated: Get Rid of the HIDDEN Excuses…

As we progress through life, we pick a lot of assumptions and prejudices along the way.

This is a natural thing that happens and some of these assumptions help us remain safe while others hold us back from the success we desire and deserve if we are willing to pay the price.

Some of the assumptions are so embedded in us that we do not even know that they are there. If these assumptions are holding us back, we may go to our grave and not even know they are there.

There are habits that we can develop that can break the assumptions that are holding us back.

Basically you have to develop a “new” habitual way of thinking to replace the old limiting habitual thought that is holding you back.

I will give you a personal example:

I am currently engaged in a fitness goal that I am proud to say, I am making great headway on. Anyway, I was looking in the mirror and the thought entered my mind, “Be careful, you don’t want to get too skinny.” I caught this thought that was rattling around in my head.

Now just some quick background, I have gotten to where I am right now in my fitness level but this has always been the point at which I would start to slide back into old habits and the waist line would start to expand again.

But this time I caught the thought that was constantly holding me back from getting to where I wanted to go in this area.

The thought that I caught was “Be careful, you don’t want to get too skinny.” and this thought was formed in my mind when I was 8 – 10 years old. At that age, I was constantly teased about being skinny, and I hated it. From that point till the day I caught that thought, I am convinced that I would have continued my yo-yo fitness level and would have probably ended up with some serious health issues when I got older.


After catching that hidden thought that was rattling around in my head for 33 years, I am more motivated then ever to reach my fitness goal and to stay there until the good Lord calls me home.

I would not have caught that thought without the help of Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System. I am currently using this system to help me replace limiting thought and action habits that are holding me back from the goals I seek. I know that it can work for you as well, make sure to check it out!

I hope you find this useful!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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