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Key to Staying Motivated: Letting Go of the Excuses that Keep Holding You Back…

We all have them… certain excuses that hold us back from making some sort of self improvement our lives.

When we truly take a look at these “excuses”, all it comes down to is a habitual way of thinking that we have embedded in our lives over a long period of time. A thought pattern that constantly repeats itself over and over in our heads.

Sometimes we consciously know that these thoughts are there and what is even more dangerous are the thoughts that we have in our heads that we are not consciously aware of. These are the thoughts that hold us back without us knowing about them. These are the thoughts that keep us repeating cycles of failure over and over again.

You can see results from these thoughts in people who:

1. Constantly have relationship problems – The relationship starts off great but always ends up the same way, all with different partners and always the same problem at the end of the relationship.

2. Move from job to job – It always ends with a dismissal or quitting because THEY just don’t get it.

3. Yo – Yo diet – These people will go on a diet but when they get to a certain weight, the weight seems to go back on. (I was in this group, not anymore after uncovering the limiting habitual thoughts that were keeping me in this cycle.)

4. Always get bad service, no matter WHERE they go – These are the people that things are just never right for them. They go to eat at a restaurant and their food is always late or it is never hot enough.

Everything that happens in our life is a result of our habitual thinking and the daily actions that we take. Even if things happen that are out of our control, for example an accident that we did not cause, death of a loved one, company closing, or a slew of others things that can happen, we have a habitual way of reacting or responding to these events that we can control.

The key here is be able to recognize undesirable patterns that are happening in our lives and then finding the thought patterns that are helping to create them and then changing these limiting thoughts with “new” empowering thoughts followed by “new” empowering actions.

When we do that we will start to see changes in that area of our life. It is simply using the cause and effect law of success.

The best program that I have come across that addresses habit change is Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System, it is a step by step process that can help you make the changes in your life that you are looking for.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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