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Key to Staying Motivated: Your Influence, Your Reach and Your Example

When it comes to true success, you will find that in order to become successful will require that you have to work with people in a lot of different ways.

You will have to deal with customers, co-workers, suppliers, trainers, educators and the list goes on and on.

At some point if you end up running your own business, you may be coordinating the efforts of all these people in a manner to move your business forward in a harmonious manner.

This will require that you develop a level of influence.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines influence as “to effect the actions of humans”.

Influence is the ability to get others to take action.

This can be a positive thing but also a very negative thing depending  on what type of influence you exert.

We are going to concentrate on the positives of influence, the ability to influence others in a manner that benefits everyone involved.

Here are a few ideas to consider when working your influence:

1. People will be influenced more by people who practice what they are trying influence – Let’s say for example you sell cars and you are selling Ford’s. Your customer will be far more likely to believe that you believe in your product if you yourself are driving a Ford. Doesn’t that make sense.

If you are going to buy a car, ask the car sales person what kind of car they are driving. If they are not driving the product they sell, find a sales person who is.

2. Unless you are dealing with a child, do not try to force someone to your way of thinking because you know that it is GOOD for them unless it is a matter of life or death – When you try to bend someones will to your way of thinking, this is the use of the will that should only be left to God.

Read this chapter of The Science of Getting Rich, it explains this very clearly http://the-science-of-getting-rich-blog.com/chapter-9-how-to-use-the-will

“A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still.”

3. The best way to influence anyone is “walk the walk” – If you are trying to convince someone that they need to straighten out their lives financially and you are living pay check to pay check, you message will fall on deaf ears.

If you are trying to influence someone to get into better shape but your 50 pounds over weight, it is going to be a tough sell.

Being a person of influence is important in the success of everyone, you ability to influence others to take positive action will be paramount in your search for success.

Speaking of Influence, make sure to check out this site on influence, http://fcinf.com/v/cwwx and then sign up and see how influential you are. This is a very interesting project!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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