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Key to Staying Motivated: The Power of Habits in Your Life…

Habits are one of the most important things to consider when we are looking at our lives and what we want to change in our lives. Our lives are nothing but a bundle of habits, some of them serve us and some of them hold us back from what we truly want to accomplish.

The ones that hold us back are quite insidious. They work on us underneath the surface and hold us back from what we have set in our mind that we consciously want for ourselves.

Most of the time, these habits are given to us via well meaning people in our lives trying to SAVE us from ourselves and some of these habitual thoughts continue in our lives for a long time until we develop a system to expose these thoughts and replace them with habitual thoughts and actions that serve us instead of hold us back.

Here are a few thoughts about habits to consider:

1. We have habitual thoughts and actions that take place in our lives everyday – These habits either serve us or the hinder us. We need to look at our lives in the areas that we think are important and find the habitual thoughts that are holding us back and then replace them with thoughts that will serve us.

2. When we start to change the thinking habits and follow that by congruent habitual actions our life will change profoundly – When we start to change the thoughts that are going around in our head and get the actions to change with them, we will start to see different results in our lives. This is key to making our lives better.

3. Make sure to pay attention to reoccurring issues that happen in your life – If you have things that seem to be happening over and over in your life this is a definite habitual thought and action pattern that is working in your life.

Here is how this happens:

1. You make a decision to make a positive change in your life. You are pumped up and ready to go and you start to take action.

2. You start to get results and you are quite pleased with your efforts. You have gotten to this point before and then something starts to change inside of you.

3. You start to be slipping back into old thinking and action habits.

4. Next thing you know you are back into the same shape that you were before starting off on this improvement change you were looking to do.

When you start to back slide, this is habitual thinking and habitual actions that you have going on behind the scenes that start to work on you that causes the back slide.

It is vitally important to uncover those hidden habitual thoughts and actions and change them. Once you change them, the up and down pattern will stop and you will make permanent positive change in your life.

The habit changing system that has worked the best for me is Lee Milteer’s Habit Busting System. This system has helped me in many areas in my life and I find it to be a complete system for habit change. If you are challenged in this area make sure to check it out.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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