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The Power is Taking it from Idea to Market

I have been thinking a lot lately about ideas.

We all have them.

We have an idea for a book, a movie, an invention, a way of improving something that is already on the market.

How about this… about ten years ago you were thinking about this contraption that you thought would be really useful and you thought to yourself wow that would be really neat to have. You searched it out and you couldn’t find one anywhere.

Flash forward to today and you are walking through the Walmart and you happen upon the very product that you thought about 10 years earlier. The only difference is… someone else is profiting from that idea.

So what is the difference here.

Someone had the same idea but they followed it all the way from the idea to the market.

The person who can take the concept from idea to the market is very powerful. And if you have the ability to repeat this process you can make yourself very wealthy.

When you take an idea and you put it in print if the book becomes a bestseller you will get royalties that are paid over and over again as long as the book is considered valuable.

If you make a musical recording, the same applies as above.

What idea are you sitting on?

What idea can you take from concept to market?

Get started on getting it to market today!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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