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The Road Trip of Life Part 7 – Obstacles Part 1

I hope that you have been enjoying this series. Everyday I am waking with new ideas about this road trip that we call life. Today, I am going to start a mini-series about obstacles that we will run into on this road trip.

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While we work down this road called life, we will run into many obstacles.

The number ONE obstacle that we have is…


We create more difficulties for ourselves with what we think and what we do then anything else. This is the primary cause of unhappiness.

We have thought habits and action habits that have been in our lives for many years and they determine where we end up and the results that we have in our lives.

We have to recognize this in ourselves. And we need to have the wisdom to not only recognize this but to make the changes that we need to in order to avoid a catastrophe down the road.

But many of us will continue to use self defeating thoughts and actions and end up in a situation we don’t like and then sit there and wonder how we got there.

This is a sad commentary but very true for many of us.

When we start to pay attention to what we think and the results that continue to happen in our lives, if we are unhappy with where we end up the only thing we can do to stop this from happening is by changing our thoughts and our actions.

In the next post we will be looking at the next obstacle in our road trip of life.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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