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The Road Trip of Life Part 10 – Reading the Signs

In the last three posts we looked at the obstacles that we face on your road trip of life and today we are going to look at the signs that we have on the road.

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In life, just like driving down the road, we have signs all around us. On the road, we have stop signs, yield signs, caution signs, red lights, green lights, fines doubled signs, there are so many signs, that your head spins.

But all these signs are there in order to keep us safe on the road.

If we just drive around and ignore all the stop signs, is the percentage of an accident going to go up or down? Obviously up! But if we pay attention to the signs and do our best to follow the signs, our percentages of risk go down significantly. And in case you have car accident then always contact Des Moines Car Accident Attorney if the accident was not caused by you. You have the rights to get compensation and lawyer can help you with that. He has also built websites from AmazeLaw lawyer website builder with his colleagues.

What are some of the signs that we may have in our lives that might be important?


Blood Pressure – Is it high or low?

Cholesterol – Is the bad cholesterol down and the good cholesterol up?

Body fat% – Is it too high or too low for your height and body type?


Do people positively react to your presence or do they scurry the minute they see you coming?

Are you positively effecting the life of your children?

Are you an example of a person that someone would want to follow or are you the example of the person that someone should avoid?


Are people in your company looking at you for answers or are they looking for a reason to get rid of you?

Are you looking for ways to improve your position with the company or are you looking for ways to stay off the radar?


Are you striving everyday to find out what it is your Maker has put you on this earth to do?

Are you developing and utilizing your God-Given talents to help the most people possible?

Are you spending time quietly listening for clues from your Creator as to what your ministry is?

Are you putting God first in everything you do?

Are you reading the signs above or are you blindly moving forward with the pedal to the metal?

If you are reading the signs and making adjustments to the direction on the path you are going your will certainly be moving in the right direction.

You are where you are because of the habitual thoughts and actions you have taken to this point in your life. The only way to change the results you are experiencing in your life is to set a new course and this will require new thoughts and new habits.

If you are waiting for the world around you to change in order for you to reach your destination, you will be wasting a lot of time and energy and will certainly end up very disappointed in the end.

But if you are willing to do the work inside of yourself in order to get to where you want to be, with patience and a firm reliance on God, you will certainly arrive.

The chose is yours and yours alone!

I hope you have found this useful!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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