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Your Life, Your Success and Who can you… TRUST?

Sorry for the delay since my last post but last week I was a little under the weather, so any spare time I had last week was spent in bed trying to get better. I feel great now and I have been back to the gym a couple of days so far, getting my blood pumping.

Today, while on the elliptical machine, I was thinking about the dangers of… TRUST!

Let me run a couple of scenarios by you:

1. A man has worked at a company for 25 years, he has followed the rules. He went to work on time and did his job to the best of his ability. He is loyal to his product and always contributed to the causes that were important to his company. He is probably one of the most loyal employees that the company has. Today though, he walks in to find out that because of mis-management of the company, the company is closing and he is out of a job.

2. A woman has been working her whole life and she has been saving faithfully to her 401K plan. She has built up enough money so that she can retire comfortably in 2 years. She wakes up and finds out that the stock market has collapsed and she has lost 50% of the wealth she spent her working life to save.

3. You call your husband and ask him to bring home a gallon of milk but he gets home and he has forgotten to get the milk.

Who can you trust?

If you are looking to have absolute trust in anyone that is made of flesh and blood, you will be sorely disappointed. Over and over again!!

The fact is there is only two places that we should put our absolute trust in:

1. GOD – We have a perfect system that has been set up by God. And when we work our lives in a proper manner within the frame work of His perfect system, we will end up ok.

2. Our Habits are always working for or against us – It is within our power to adjust the habits in our life from working against us to working for us. By paying attention to the patterns that happen to us in our lives, it is pretty apparent the habits that are working and the ones that are not.

From there we need to replace the habits that are not working with habits that will serve us. And then eliminate the the thinking that gets us back to old habits.

We are in trying times right now, and we need to be very careful in where we place our TRUST. Trust in God and then trust in the fact that you can change your habits to live in the perfect system that our God has made for us.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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