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Where is Your Focus?

This question will determine the level of success that you achieve with your life.

When you look at your life and your thoughts and actions, where do you focus those thoughts and actions?

Do you focus on the contribution and actions of others? Or is your focus on what you are bringing to the table?

Is your focus on the lack that others are bringing? Or is it on building your skills and talents to increase your level of contribution to society?

In the US, we are in the middle of election season and there is a lot of discontent among the voters. The current political thought is that in order for their group to be happy it is going to require that another group of people change the way they think and feel. You may think that statement is ridiculous, I did after I read it a couple of times and quite frankly it is a ridiculous way of thinking about things.

When we focus our efforts on things outside of ourselves to change in order for us to be happy, we give away a lot of power to that entity outside of ourselves and it may never change, which would leave us very unhappy… FOREVER!

But when we focus on what we desire and then make the necessary PERSONAL changes required for us to reach that desire, then our happiness is dictated on the only thing that should determine our happiness and that is by our personal efforts and results!

Does this mean that you turn your back on the world and focus only on your desires and to hell with everyone else?

No, actually the opposite is true. When you focus your efforts on the skills and talents that you have, you will end up serving more of the needs that people around you have. And as your capacity grows, so does you ability to help others.

When you neglect your capacity to grow, you are neglecting everyone that your increased capacity would help and this is by definition… SIN!

But when you focus YOUR efforts on making the most of your talents and abilities, you:

1. Will put yourself in a position to help more people with your talents and abilities.

2. You will become an example that others will want to emulate, which will encourage them to grow their talents and abilities.

Where we focus our energies and talents is extremely important and when you focus those energies in areas that you have control over, you will end up serving more people and becoming a happy, productive and helpful person.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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