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What are you waiting for?

You have set your goals.

You know that you should start eating right and going to the gym.

You know that you should be using that time planner that is collecting dust on your desk at home.

You know that you should be getting involved in your community.

But for some reason, another day passes and you are just going through the motions without making any real progress.

The question I have today is… What are you waiting for?

Is there something that you are waiting for outside of yourself to change before you start taking the action that you know will make a huge positive difference in your life?

Are you waiting to get past the holidays before you start your new fitness program because you know the temptations will just be too great to resist when it comes to all that good food that will be laid out over the holiday season?

Are you waiting for the new year to start using your planner? After all there is no better time to start an improvement program then the beginning of the year… right????

Are you waiting for your pay to increase before you start saving for your future?

Here is THE FACT:

The only time that you have control over is this minute… RIGHT NOW! What you do with that minute will move you forward or backwards, there is no staying in place.

If you are not making forward progress, you are falling more and more behind.

Every minute that passes that you are not working on your health is one less minute that you have to make positive changes in your health.

Every week that passes that you do not put money in a savings account is one less week that money has a chance to bear interest for your future.

Every minute that passes is one less minute that you have to live the life that you have always dreamed about!

And you have complete control over how you use that minute.

The time is never going to return for you to try to do it over.

So again, I ask… What are you waiting for?

Get moving on it NOW, make this minute count.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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