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Why isn’t Your Life Working the Way You Want it too?

At 43 years old, I found myself in a few situations that I was not happy with.

I was about 40 pounds over weight, my financial situation was mess and I felt very empty.

I looked in the mirror and I thought to myself, “what is the matter with you?”. You have been studying all this personal development for years. You know this stuff inside and out. You write a blog specifically about personal development.

But I found myself in these very uncomfortable situations.

With all this knowledge under my belt, I was a complete mess. I was far from the success that I was seeking.

I knew deep down in my heart that I was missing something, something BIG!! But I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what to do.

Then I started to look around… and I noticed a friend of mine who was doing very well even in these trying times that we find ourselves in. He was happy most of the time. He was making money even during this time of financial uncertainty in an industry that most people are suffering in.

I really admired what he was doing. And I knew what he was doing to make this happen and it moved me.

My friend is a practicing Christian. He is walking with God in his life everyday to the best of his abilities and it was showing in the blessing that you can see in his life everyday.

But still I resisted….

After all, I have read all the books and I have put this information to practice and I knew it would work for me.

I also liked to listen to talk radio and I became a fan of Glenn Beck. I liked the way he took on the establishment and pointed to things that didn’t seem quite right. But earlier this year his message started to change… a lot. He started to talk about God a lot more and how as a country we have turned away from God and what is happening with our country and our world as a result of us turning our back on our Creator.

He was promoting an event that was happening in Washington, DC on 8/28/2010 on his show and I felt compelled to go. Every time I heard about it I knew that I should be going to this event. But as the time grew near, I found myself without the resources to make it happen. But I found that God works in funny ways because my partner Tracy, a very wonderful woman, had heard me talk about this event and how important it was going to be, had started to save a little money and about a week before the event asked me if I still wanted to go and she arranged to make this trip happen. Miracle #1

When we got down there, you could feel the energy, it was electric and full of positive emotion. Everyone was absolutely filled with a spirit that was unexplainable.

During the event, I was moved to tears on several occasions, as people were brought on stage who were making very positive differences in the world. Simple people, of flesh and blood, just like us, who were making things happen in a great way. The whole time people around us stayed for the entire event.

We were asked to turn back to God during that event and I accepted. Within two weeks of that event I found myself at my friends church and I haven’t missed a Sunday yet.

I find myself on my knees daily in prayer asking for the Lord to work in my life to help bring others to Him. And I listen everyday for clues from Him and I ask for the courage to live my life on the path that God has set out before me.

I have a peaceful feeling now that I can not explain but I know that it comes from accepting God and Jesus into my life. And I am trying everyday to be a better person, more like Jesus everyday. Somedays are better than others but everyday I have a new slate to work with. Every minute presents me with an opportunity to do what God wants me to do. Some minutes are good, some are not so good but I do know that I have an opportunity with the next minute to do the right thing.

If you find yourself struggling with challenges in your life and you are looking for a way to make your life right, go to church this coming up Sunday or pick up the Bible today and start reading it.

I am curious about your thoughts on this subject. Take a few minutes and leave your comments below…

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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