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How to get to a Peaceful State of Mind…

With everything going on around us…

The economy in the toilet

Politicians that have lined their pockets with our tax dollars

Not knowing whether you will have a job next week

The pressures to perform at work with a glut of people looking for work

Not knowing if the US dollar will be worth anything next year

How does anyone sleep at night? The pressure in the world, right now, is probably as bad as it has ever been. Look at the news and they will be more then happy to show you what is going on out there right now.

My favorite place for news is at http://www.theblaze.com, it’s a straight shooting news site that uses the words of the people in the story to tell the story without the spin. You listen to their words and you decide what to think of it. Make sure to check it out!

Even some of the stories on their are pretty depressing especially when you have voted people into office that you thought would do the right things, on both sides of the aisle.

With all this going on, I have still been able to find peace in my life.

Over the last 25 years, I have been an avid studier of personal development but nothing has had the impact in my life as the study that I have been doing over the last couple of months. I have even taken it to the point of selling all my personal development books and unsubscribing from all the email newsletters that I have been getting and reading for years.

Over the last couple of months, I have turned to the best sources of personal development and growth ever written. And I have been going to some of the best personal development messages every Sunday for the last couple of months and it has really brought me a very peaceful feeling. So much so that I sleep like a baby every night, no matter how bad the news gets around me.

Here are the two greatest sources of personal development that I have found:

1. The Bible – This book has all the wisdom that a person needs to live a happy, successful, productive life with a promise for ever lasting life if you are willing to make the sacrifice. But nothing of value ever comes without sacrifice. I have been developing the habit of reading daily and what I find amazing is sometimes the reading goes right over my head while some days the words just jump off the page at me. It is unbelievable.

2. My local church – I have a great pastor whose message challenges me every week to live my life based on Biblical principles. The first few weeks that I went, my thoughts and ideas for the last 25 years were challenges like you wouldn’t believe but when the ideas were backed up by the Biblical scriptures, it made a huge impact on my thinking and my actions. If you are in the western MA area and you are looking for a great Bible believing church make sure to check out http://ourlifepoint.org/

When you start to live your life and direct your actions for things outside of yourself your life changes in dramatic ways.

You still focus your energies on the things inside of yourself that are necessary for you to change in order to help make the things outside of you change.

Your focus in still on controlling YOUR thoughts and your actions but with a focus on making a positive difference in the world around you for God’s sake not for your personal feelings. This was a real stretch for me and still challenges me everyday but I am working on making this a habitual way of thinking and acting.

I am curious what you think of these ideas, please leave your comments below.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

John Clark

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  • Kathy

    The saying goes”What’s given from the heart is twice received”.When we focus on just ourselves, we become dull and lifeless. When we focus on others, fulfillment is obtained and we become dynamic. That’s all a part of peace of mind.