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The Four Step Approach to Living a Successful Life (Continued) – Part 2 – Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

After establishing the proper device to measure your life against, you will see that living a successful life will be about living a life based on positive service to others.

There are several areas of service that are important:

1. Commercial or Career Service – This is where you provide a service that others are willing to pay you for. You will either work for yourself in your own business or you will work in someone else’s business. This is where you will get the means for you to pay for your food, clothing and housing without any damages, water damage phoenix can take care of that if you do.

There are certain rules that will determine how much you make in this area.

1. The need for what we do – Is there a market willing to pay for the services that you provide.

2. Our Ability to do it – Are you just maintaining your skills or are you looking for ways to add value to those that are paying you for your services.

3. The difficulty of replacing us – How easy would it be to replace your services? I suggest that it would take a lot longer to replace a great brain surgeon then to replace someone that runs the grill at McDonald’s. This is why there is such a disparity in pay between those two jobs.

In the end people are looking for others who will get the results that they are looking for. Results is the name of the game!!

2. Local church and community service – This is where you dedicate some of your money AND time to help those in your community who are not able to care for themselves or may have fallen on hard times.

But in order for us to be able to concentrate and use our abilities to the fullest we need to be healthy with our bodies and our minds. We need to work both of them out on a daily basis to make this happen.

We need to make sure that when an opportunity for us to be of greater service to those around us, we are prepared to do it both physically and mentally.

There is a computer term that has been used for many years called GIGO, which means garbage in, garbage out.

This applies to our bodies and our minds as well. What we put into our bodies and minds is extremely important.

We need to exercise the GIGO principle in our lives with a little different twist… we need to focus on GOOD IN, GOOD OUT!!!

We need to exercise both our bodies and our minds on a daily basis or we will lose our capacity to serve and this is what ends up leading to an unfulfilled life.

Or falling short of the mark which is also considered sin.

Let’s make sure that today, we are making the most of what we have and we are expanding our capacity to serve those around us and we are using our God given talents to make the lives of those around us better for God’s glory.

I would love to know what you think about this, leave your comments below.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess and God Bless You,

John Clark

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  • Eva_quemada

    I believe in the GIGO. That’s why it’s very imortant to guard our hearts and minds, and take every thought captive. I believe it’s more effective to serve others if we’re spiritually and emotionally sound,and it reflects physically. God bless and more power to you!