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The Two Extremes of Unsuccessful Living and THE Solution to Both

There are two sides of the coin of living unsuccessfully and both end up in a very bad situation.

Extreme #1:

You feel that you are not worth anything. You constantly feel you are the victim of circumstances and have no control over your life. You feel bullied and pushed around all the time.

You dread waking up everyday. You look forward to when you can just get home and disappear into hours of reality TV.

You make up for all this feeling of worthlessness by escaping into mind altering substances and engaging in activities that you think make you “feel good”.

You just can’t wait for this life to be over.

Extreme #2:

There is nothing that you can not do and you will trample over anyone to do it or get it. You are the master of your universe and you don’t care whose back you have to run over to get what you want.

The most important person in your life is… YOU!

Your conversation revolves around… YOU!

Your conversation always gets to be about… YOU!

You don’t need anyone’s help! After all you know all the answers.

I’m sure you will look at both of these examples and you may think of some people around you right away. You may even see yourself in some of these statements.

The problem with Extreme #1 is that it leads to slavery. You don’t think enough of yourself to prepare for yourself that you end up at the whim of the people living in Extreme #2.

The problem with Extreme #2 is that every time you get too big, people will revolt against you and everything that you have goes back to where it belongs.

The problem with BOTH is, they are a sure path to… HELL!

The solution for both is… GOD!

Make no mistake about it, none of this that is happening is by mistake. It is by design.

Our God has made us with all the power to solve the problems that we create for ourselves. And yes… we do create our own problems. We create them by not living by Biblical principles.

When we live by Biblical principles, we are empowered by a loving God, who wants us to succeed and He wants us to succeed by helping those around us succeed.

When we surrender to the fact that there is… A God, we realize that we are imperfect and that we need the help of God.

God took this one step forward and sent His Son down to earth to die for our inequities. He sent us the most wonderful gift the world has ever known. And that is His Son, Jesus Christ! Jesus came down to earth to show us how to live by His example.

We will never reach that level of perfection but is our responsibility to strive for that level with God’s help.

If you are struggling at any level of these two extreme’s or anywhere in the middle, make sure to do your own research into this matter. I suggest that you go to a Bible teaching church in your local area and start to learn what the Bible says about you…. TODAY!!

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

And God Bless,

John Clark

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