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Where does Our Source of Happiness Come From?

My crazy better half, Tracy, went out shopping on Black Friday and thankfully she got everything done that she set out to do but she relayed a story to me that I thought was really interesting.

She observed a situation in the toy department in one of the stores, apparently two women got to a toy that was on sale and there was only one left and one woman grabbed the toy. The other woman who didn’t get the toy proceeded to tell the lady who did get the toy how she just ruined her daughter’s Christmas. Obviously unhappy with what happened this woman tried to make the other lady feel guilty about getting there first.

I am amazed where people are willing to place their happiness at.

They are unhappy because they didn’t get the toy they wanted for their daughter.

They are unhappy because they were cut off in traffic.

They are unhappy because…..

My guess is they ladies daughter wouldn’t be unhappy if her mother actually took the time and taught her what the real meaning of Christmas was but this doesn’t seem to be the case. It would seem that her daughter’s perception of happiness is getting everything she wants at Christmas which is an outside source of happiness.

When we focus outside of ourselves for happiness, we give way too much power to the outside forces and we also give the power to others to enslave us.

But when we focus our attention on the things we have control over, which is what we do with our thoughts and our time, we are in complete control of our happiness with God’s help.

The truth be told our real happiness comes from doing things for the glory of God. When we focus our thoughts and actions on the way God wants us to live we open ourselves up to a level of happiness that is quite calming. Calming to the point where outside circumstances are very slow in changing our demeanor.

Take some time today and look at where you are focusing on your thoughts and actions. Are they focused on your ability to create your own happiness through the glory of God or are you focused on things outside of your control?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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  • Eva_quemada

    Hi John,
    This is awesome and I was so blessed by this article of yours that I will share this to someone. Indeed, God is the source of everything. Jesus completes us and nothing else in this world can fill the emptiness in our hearts. We can easily get disappointed if we can’t have the things that we want, but if we dig deeper, and understand that Jesus is everything, we realize that God has a wonderful plan in our lives. He is our contentment. Anyway, He can provide our needs and even our wants according to His time and His will. We might not control the outside happenings that is so overwhelming everyday, but we have the power to control our thoughts and actions with the Divine guidance, all we have to do is to yield to God and His power.