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There is Only ONE Solution to the Problems We Face Today…

It is very sad what happened the other day in Arizona. The senseless killing of those people in Arizona just doesn’t make any sense.

What I find very interesting is the media’s quick reaction to start blaming people other then the person who committed this horrible act.

“It was Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and all the conservative talk shows that created this too happen.”

The fact that these comments were made, is so absurd, I can’t fathom the ignorance of the people that made these comments from the sheriff in Arizona to the liberal commentators and bloggers.

When you take a look, not even slightly under the surface, you are quick to find that the person who committed this senseless act of violence was insane. It wasn’t an act that was politically motivated, it wasn’t an act of a right wing conspiracy, it was an act of someone who is simply not of a right mind. Finding out how to drop domestic violence charges in California can be a matter of grave importance. Arguments can quickly turn into yelling, which can easily get the cops called on you or your loved ones.

But what you will soon see happen, is that we will have an over-reactive government start to look at our gun laws and tell us that we need stricter gun laws. Or we will have people on the band wagon for shutting down the voices that are commenting on the our radios and on TV. But not all the voices, just the voices that do not agree with the current government philosophy which currently is…

That the government is there to save us and protect us, even from ourselves.

It’s not too hard to see this, just look at laws and regulations that have been passed by this government over the last 4 years.

If you look at these laws, it is simple to see we have a government that has no faith in the people it governs, which will lead to the enslavement of the people it governs, if the people do not start to look at who the true Savior is.

There is and always has been only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ!!!

If you haven’t considered this or question this at all, you need to pick up the bible and start at Matthew and read straight through Revelations.

When we start too look to our government or any other entity aside from Jesus to save us, we will end up in slavery. It is a reoccurring pattern that is undeniable and has been repeated in history over and over again. Look at Germany in the early 1900’s and the “savior” who came for them… Adolf Hitler!!!

When we start to consider this, our ego will rear it’s ugly head. Our pride will get in the way but we need to push back and accept that we do not have all the answers and we also need to accept that only Jesus Christ does. He is the only person who walked on this earth that did have all the answers and when we start to fashion our lives by His example, our lives changes and so do the lives of those around us.

But this is an individual decision by design and we need to recognize this as well. It is obvious that the person who committed these senseless murders did not make the decision to follow Christ.

How do I know this…. because he killed those people. His actions were offensive not defensive.

It is very easy to look at this and look for someone to save us from this ever happening again. But there is only one person qualified to save any of us and that is Jesus Christ.

If you have not made that decision for yourself, please take the time to research it. It will be a decision that will pay dividends to you forever, in this life and the next.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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  • Jeff Duffy

    Wow again!!! Great message John… Very powerful…….

    Your brother in Christ 🙂