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Are You Being Perfected? Or Are You Resisting Being Saved?

Since last September, the focus of my studies and of this blog have changed dramatically.

Since late August of 2010, I recommitted myself to walking with Jesus Christ. This has presented some very interesting challenges for me.

The way I interact with people has changed…

The way I think has changed…

What I study has changed…

The way I pray has changed…

It is interesting sometimes the challenges that are brought forward when you commit yourself to Christ. It is a challenge on a daily basis to discipline yourself to get on your knees and pray, to read the word of God everyday, to look at EVERYONE in an unconditional loving way and to talk with others about the good news that Jesus Christ brought to this earth.

One of the concepts that I find interesting, is the concept of “being perfected”.

When you allow Jesus into your life and you start to walk the path with Him, He will start to work on your heart. The way you look at the world around you will change.

As a believer, it is our responsibility to study the word and start to mirror our lives after the life of Jesus Christ.

But this takes a lot of discipline and a lot of changes in our thinking and our actions.

We are also called to fellowship with other believers, our church family, which will require us to make new friends and in most cases change our social circles all together.

As we are never to turn our back on those that we have known for most of our lives, it is important to be with people of like mind and that may require replacing old friends with new friends, other believers who are walking down the same path as you, while continuing to be an example and a witness to those that you have known in the past.

Until someone has taken their last breath it is never too late to turn to Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and Savior and we must be available to those who have questions regarding this.

What I find even more interesting is that we do not get to heaven by our good deeds. A lot of people think that when we die, God will tally up our good deeds and our bad deeds and if our good deeds out weight our bad deeds, we are in.

But the only way to get into heaven is by accepting the gift of Jesus Christ. And when we truly accept Jesus and start to walk as He walked, this is when  the perfecting process starts to take place. This does not mean that we will be perfect, but it does mean that we need to start to experience how heaven will be like and this only comes by submitting our lives to the way of Jesus Christ.

It is very hard for us, when we start to expose ourselves to this information because we have a lot of connections with this world that we would like to remain the same but we have to change in order to have this all work.

If you are a mature, living, breathing human being, chances are you have been exposed to this information. What is holding you back from committing your life to Jesus Christ?

Is it the promise of eternal damnation in hell?

We have been given an opportunity to accept Jesus and live our eternal life in heaven which He compared to paradise or we have the lake of fire?

The chose is ours!!

Make sure you examine this for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of the change that is required. You may become the example that those around you need by doing so.

As Always, Here’s to your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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