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Become Part of THE Solution…

I find interesting, lately in the news I am noticing a lot of stories about riots over in Europe and most recently in Egypt.

Not having experience in riots, I figure that these riots are about demands not being met. A group of people are demanding by a show of force that something need to change.

Changes to a government, changes to a system.

It seems almost like a form of collective bargaining.

I was never a fan of collective bargaining due to the fact that not everybody performs at the same level. Everyone has different strengths and God given talents, each of us have unique abilities that if we were to develop them we would be able to serve others in a way that would in the end, would provide us with everything we need.

The problem we face now is that we have, for too long, been told that we need to rely on the government for everything we need and we have as a people turned our back on the only person that can help with every challenge and that is God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

So how do we become part of THE Solution?

It starts by turning our lives over to the only person who is capable of changing our hearts and that is Jesus Christ.

Without Him, we are limited to what we see around us and that is a very limited picture.

We are limited to what we feel others have. Coveting what our neighbors have.

Being jealous of what others have.

When we turn our lives over to Jesus, we ALL can have it all.

We have to let Him into our hearts to allow Him to change how we think and feel about others.

And YES!!! It will mean that we have to make changes in our lives.

We have to become more Christ like. We need to open ourselves up to being perfected.

In the end, this will end up being the ONLY solution anyway.

The battle lines are being set, it is time to pick a side.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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