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Are You Standing in The Truth?

There is a battle raging… what side of the battle lines are you standing on?

Here are the two sides:

Side 1 – The victim

The victim is the one who is looking for things that are outside of themselves to change in order for their lives to get better. On this side, they have to demand that what they get is fair. That everyone is equal and fights for that equality, regardless of skills that they bring with them.

Nothing is based on merit, everything should be distributed equally just because.

Because they look for things outside of them to change in order for their well being, they are very unhappy most of the time.

They are looking for an earthly being to be their salvation. Someone who can make the other side change. Someone who can demand that change and it doesn’t matter how they bring that change about even it means that those who don’t buy into their philosophy have to die.

Instead of letting their talents and abilities determine what they make, they rely on contracts and seniority to determine their job security and even if their skills become obsolete, they look for guarantees of pay raises and job longevity, regardless of the market forces or demands for the products or services they provide.

You can recognize these industries by the government subsidies that they receive in order for them to survive. In other words, they are doing work that the majority of people have no use for.

This does not include teachers (who truly care about the students they teach), the police, firefighters, or the military. As I do question the motives of their leadership in their unions, I never question the people who are CALLED to serving in this capacity. I do believe they were sold a bill of goods and promises that couldn’t be fulfilled based on simple math.

Side 2 – The Blessed

This side has people who look to Jesus and God as their only salvation. This side knows that there is a power not of this earth that is outside of them that is in control and submits to this power and lives their lives according to the Laws and the Word of God.

This side is far from perfect but diligently works on walking close to the example that Jesus set while walking on this earth. They don’t do this to impress others, they do this because it is the right thing to do for themselves.

You can recognize these people because they work very hard trying to provide a value that others are willing pay for.

By their vision, they create jobs for others.

These people realize that they need God’s help and they can’t do it alone. They generally do not look for things outside of them to change in order for their lives to get better, they know that to truly grow means to work out what is going on  inside of them and make internal changes that bring about external changes.

They also realize that they need to be around people who are of like mind because they know how fragile, their personal willpower is and that they are highly influenced by who they are around. So to stay in line, they need to be around like minded people.

They realize that when you try to FORCE others to change against their will, that this is a form of slavery and that to DEMAND that someone changes makes you their master.

They realize that their outer world is a direct mirror of their inner world.

They walk in the truth with nothing to hide and they openly express their views with no shame.

Look around you, the battle lines are becoming more and more clear as everyday passes. It is time to start making a decision for where you are going to stand. The time of sitting on the fence is quickly coming to an end.

Are you standing in the truth? Or are you looking for someone on this earth to come around to make others change for your life to get better.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you are always beholden to source to which you get your happiness from. If that source is something outside of you, you give over that power to them and they have something over you if you do not do what they want you to do, they can pull your happiness away from you.

But if you let Jesus into your life and let Him into your heart then you start to look inward for your source of happiness and NO ONE can take that away from you regardless of what is happening outside of you.

When you start to live your life by His perfect example everything changes for you. And your life becomes a blessing for you and for everyone around you.

What side are you going to stand on?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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  • Jeff Duffy

    John, Thats good stuff 🙂 Keep sending these posts to me…. God is working thur you brother……