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The Inner Urge for A Savior

Somewhere deep, deep inside, we know that there is something more to this then us on this planet…

When we look at the beauty that surrounds us, when we think of the systems that are in place, such as our bodies from its basic functions right down to the cellular levels, what a wonderful thing that was created for us to use to be of service to others and to fulfill our desires.

From our minds to the fingers that I am using to post this message.

If you truly think about it, it is absolutely…. a miracle!!

But when we start to think about just ourselves to the exclusion of everything else around us, this is where the problem is and has always been. Right from the moment when the serpent tempted Eve in the garden to eat from the tree of life. The serpent planted this seed into her head and it is still alive and well up to this moment, “Why let God have all the answers?, just eat from the forbidden fruit and you will have all His knowledge. Why should He be the only one who has all the power? You deserve it as well.”

At the moment, the focus turned from God, who created us for His glory, to focusing on us and what we want.

From that moment, anyone who was born, up to today, is born with that sin on us.

So we go about our lives, most of the time, thinking about what is in it for us. We get aggravated by others who are getting in our way. We put our needs in front of anyone that we come in contact with. And if we can’t convince them of doing it our way, we try to force our way upon the world around us, followed by years of aggravation until the day we die.

Some of us get to the point where we need some of our needs met by something outside of us. Some of us need assistance from our families and some get their assistance from the government. This is the point where we start to turn to outside sources for our happiness.

And this is exactly the time where we need to start looking for the source of our happiness from within us.

This is where we need to find our Savior and let Him go to work, inside of us.

This is where we need to look not at another person who is built the same as us with the same skin and bones, but to the only person who came to this earth and beat death to rise again.

We need to look to the only source of true happiness and unconditional love.

And that source is Jesus Christ.

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6

The only way to true happiness and eternal life is through the only person who came to this earth and died on the cross for our sins. All you need to do is accept this fact and turn towards living the example that He set for us to live.

That requires that our focus turns to living our lives for God instead of living our lives for ourselves.

Deep down inside, we are all looking for a Savior and it is important for us not to be confused about where we look for our savior.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless,

John Clark


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