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“It is Finished” – The Ultimate DONE for You Program!!

I have been writing this blog since July of 2006, I started this blog to help promote personal development with the hope of helping people exercise their personal power to live a better life for themselves and hopefully positively effect those around them by the better person they would become by following the ideas that were presented on this blog.

By the emails that I get from those who frequent the blog, some of these ideas have helped people and for that I am very happy.

As I moved forward with this blog, I have always looked for ways to support this blog by monetizing it with contextual advertising and providing links to products that have personally helped me.

Always looking for ways to promote the blog and reach more people, I was always looking for marketing ideas to bring more people to the blog. So I am always getting emails from Internet professionals with processes and programs to help “drive traffic” to your website.

As the marketing cycle progresses, advanced marketers start to promote “DONE for you programs” or “turn key operations”. The idea behind these programs are that all you have to do is buy this “program” and set it up and it will start to bring avalanches of cash to your mailbox or email box, which ever it may be.

Fortunately, I have always known that you can never get something for nothing so I have not personally bought into any of these “done for you programs”.

But there is ONE, “done for you” program that you can take to the bank…..

This past Sunday, we just celebrated Easter, the holiday that commemorates Jesus Christ rising from the dead.

This is one of the bed rocks on which the Christian faith is founded and is also meant to show true believers and followers of Christ that we will live eternal life past our physical life on this earth.

Before Jesus was crucified and died for our sins, we were pretty much destined to live on this earth and just die.

God had set the bar so high that none of us would ever reach it.

If we were guilty of one of the commandments, we were guilty of them all.

God’s solution to this problem was the “Ultimate DONE for You Program”

He sent Jesus, His only Son, to this earth to:

1. Show us the example of the perfect life. And knowing that none of us were capable of living up to this expectation…

2. He died on the cross for the sins of mankind. For YOU and for ME and for all of US!!!

When Jesus uttered these words from the cross, “It is finished.”, died, and then rose from being dead, the DONE for YOU program was completed.

Jesus was the only person qualified to make this happen for us because He was both 100% human AND 100% God. This is what qualified Him to take on all the sins of this world.

All, except for one, of the disciples who carried this message forward ended up being killed for bringing this profound message to those of their time. They paid the ultimate price to promote this wonderful event and it is alive and well today!!

And the great thing about this program is that it is… FREE to anyone who chooses to accept it.

To accept this wonderful gift all we have to do is:

1. Acknowledge that we are sinful by nature. We often only think of ourselves and our needs to the exclusion of everything else. This was illustrated in the Garden of Eden when Eve was tempted by the devil to eat of the forbidden fruit in order to gain the knowledge of God. This has been carried forward to every human being since that event.

2. Accept Jesus into our lives as our ONLY savior. The only person who can help with our sin nature. When we let Jesus into our lives, He goes to work on our hearts and starts to change us from the inside out.

If this is where you are at, I would suggest that you go out into your community and find a Bible believing and teaching church and become a member… today!

A good Bible teaching church will help you in your new walk with Jesus.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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