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Who Do You Look to For Help?

We all need it… from time to time, we ALL need help in our lives.

The question is who do we look to in time of need?

There is and always has been one person who has always wanted us to look to Him first when we needed help, and that is God.

God has always wanted us to put Him first in our lives. During good times and during bad times, when we needed help and when we seemed to have all things together.

God has always wanted to be… first in our lives.

After all, everything we have has come from God.

The root of ALL of our problems have come from not putting God first in our lives. And He has the system set up in a manner that will bless those who put Him first in their lives and to well… not bless those who do not put Him first.

I know, you may be saying to yourself, But John, what about those who are getting rich selling drugs or pornography? They seemed to be blessed by this so called system, that God has set up. Although some people prefer to not to watch porn and use better services as Zoom Escorts that offer a more real experience than any porn would.

Well, the only thing that I can say about that is, God also set the system up so that, “the sun rises and sets on the just and the unjust alike.”

The real reward and punishment come not on this earth but where we our souls go after we leave this earth.

That aside… We really need to look around us now at the events that are shaping this world, right now!!!

We have:

1. The Middle East is on fire. There is a huge power struggle right now going on in every country over there. Look at the headlines.

2. With that struggle, is a lot of talk about getting rid of Israel. If you are not up on this subject, please get yourself familiar with it as quickly as you can, the Israeli people are God’s chosen people and anyone who stands against Israel, stand’s against God. This is very important.

3. One of the greatest Christian nations is ready for a fall and that is the United States. As a nation, we have turned on our back on God. We have gotten so far away from the principles and values that created this great nation, and we have a power structure in our government that is also turning it’s back on Israel.

Fortunately, we have some voices out there that are pointing out a lot of these things happening in our government. Thank you to Glenn Beck and his company for working diligently to make sure the truth is being put out there so we have both sides of the story.

If you haven’t done so, make sure that you add this link to your favorites and visit it daily for the true story of what is happening in this country and around the world:


If there was anytime we needed God’s help, this would be it. If you have read any Bible prophesy, you would have to draw the conclusion that we are in end times… right now!!

It is playing out like predicted in the Bible.

If you haven’t made your peace with God yet, now would be a great time to get that done.

I have just got done reading Leviticus in the Old Testament and to be honest, it really scared me.

But towards the end of the book, God was very specific about what would happen if the people turned away from Him. Part of it included but not limited to, making sure the crops did not come. If you look at the floods that are going on in the Mississippi river area, these waters are ruining a lot of crops that generally come out of that part of the country.

It is time for us to start looking to God for the answers we need.

I just hope it is not too late…

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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  • so true, the signs are here… can’t be ignored.  great message, thank you and God bless!

  • “As a nation, we have turned on our back on God.”  That is absolutely true.