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Does the Stock Market Plunge Give You Cause for Concern?

Yesterday, the Dow Jones dropped over 500 points, the worse drop since the crash in 2008, and who knows what today will bring…

Does this give you cause for concern?

Is your 401K plan being eaten away with every passing day?

With everyday that passes, our leaders in the US and leaders all over the world are floundering trying to figure out how to stop this free fall in the world’s economy.

It seems to be a serious problem.

But what if it were to all fall apart tomorrow, what would you do?

We could be asking ourselves that very question very soon.

It is a real eye opening question.

What if tomorrow you were to wake up and the money you had in your wallet was worthless?

What would you do, if all of a sudden there was a run on the grocery stores and you went there and the shelves were empty?

How much food would you have for you and your family?

Where would you turn for help?

Would you turn to the government? (They have done a great job so far… right?)

Would you turn to your church? (Are you even a member of a church?)

Would you turn to your family? What if they live far away, how would you get there if you had no access to gas for your car?

What if you woke up and the price of bread was now, $400 and all you had in your wallet was a $20 bill?

These are serious questions and you need to give them some serious attention.

The world is changing very rapidly right now and if we are not prepared, we could possibly end up turning to the wrong people for help. If the government has done such a poor job with the billions that they are receiving from us on a weekly basis, what makes you think they will do a better job when it all falls apart.

Start today, to start answering some of these questions…

Get yourself prepared, get your family prepared, get your mind prepared.

I’m guessing that the majority of people that read this message have not faced making decisions while starving and those who have I’m sure will tell you it’s hard to make the right decisions when all you can think about is where you are getting your next meal from.

I hope that we can make it out of the current difficulties we face with very little discomfort but it will be challenging to say the least.

Start answering these questions today and start planning for the worst.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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