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Getting Prepared for Unthinkable Possibilities…

This is the third in a series of postings on thinking about the unthinkable possibilities that we could be facing in these very trying times in the history of the world. Please take a few minutes to read the previous post if you have not all ready done so…

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It would be great if things just kept going in a manner that we would be comfortable in but that doesn’t always happen and sometimes we are faced with some very challenging situations in our lives.

With the world shaping up the way it is now, we could be facing a global depression.

With the unrest in the Middle East…

The European Union facing very challenging situations with it’s economies…

The US battling with it’s economy and with a divided country that has no strong leadership…

Commodity prices on food going up and up…

The US Federal Reserve printing money with nothing back it could create hyper inflation…

And the list goes on and on!!

So what are you to do in the face of all these unsettling situations???

This is just a short list of things to consider while preparing for the worse while maintaining a hope for the best.

1. Get your finances in order – Get out of debt as quickly as possible. If you are in debt, you will become a slave to the people who you own money too. This is very important first step. Make sure to go to – http://www.daveramsey.com to get some great information on how to get your financial house in order.

2. Get your mindset in order – This is the time where you need to make sure you are in a proactive state of mind, making sure that you are goal oriented and focused on making the most of your time. Make sure to go to – http://www.habitbustingsystem.com to help you shed some of the limiting habits that you have right now. If your life is difficult with those habits now, it will be increasingly more difficult if everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

3. Store Food for you and your family – If things go bad and they go bad fast, there will be a run on the grocery stores. I don’t know how much will be enough for your family but I wouldn’t waste a lot of time doing this. If prices start to rise on food, you will want to buy it now while it is at it’s lowest point.

Here are also a few things to keep in mind with the food you choose to buy for storage.

1. What if you have no electricity? You’ll need to buy foods that you can cook over a open fire.

2. What if the water stops flowing from your faucet? Will you have enough water stored to cook with for a long enough period.

4. Buy a gun to protect your home – If things go wrong, and they go horribly bad, there will be a lot of unprepared people who will come after your stuff if it gets really bad. We have not experienced a situation where a lot of people were desperate and hungry. If this does happen, people will do things that they normally do. Keep in mind this is strictly for defense and should be handled with care.

5. Get involved in your local church – This will be a group of people who will help each other if things go bad. A source of strength in very trying times. A support group. A place where you get spiritual help.

This is just a very short list of things to consider if and/or the unthinkable possibilities end up happening.

Tomorrow, I will be back to some of the more positive messages.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless you,

John Clark

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