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The Debt Ceiling Debate and The Tea Party “Downgrade”???

This weekend, the talking heads were talking to all the politicians about the debt ceiling debate. There was a lot of blame being placed on the “Tea Party” for the downgrade of United States by the S&P.

Here are a couple of stories to help you get up to date on the situation if you are not already:



It seems like the left again has it’s talking points down to a “T” with everyone going after the “Tea Parties”. There was a article in the New York Times by Maureen Dowd, who was basically describing the Tea Party members as NON-HUMAN entities.


Why would anyone have their credit rating decreased?

It is a very simply answer, because the people who are in charge of the ratings have lost confidence in the borrower. Nothing more nothing less.

The freshly voted on debt ceiling increase is already spent.

The cuts that should be taking place have been moved into the future with automatic cuts to the military and medicare reimbursement if the so called “Super Committee” that is assigned to find the cuts can not agree on what cuts to make. The caveat being that anyone who didn’t vote for the bill will be invited to sit on the committee.

The fact is that unless we make cuts across the board, the US will end up being the laughing stock of the entire world.

Our government has tried to become the “jack of all trades” while becoming the “master of none”. They have tried to appease every group that had voting power while selling the American people down the drain.

This is just common sense. We can not live our lives constantly borrowing to pay our bills without paying the piper at some point and that is where we find ourselves right now.

I heard another interesting analogy yesterday about deficit spending which I thought was very interesting.

In the beginning of our history as a country, the government never extended themselves with borrowing more then could be paid off in a generation, meaning that when we borrowed money it was paid off before the next generation came around.

One of the reasons we revolted in the first place was because of “taxation without representation”.

Because of the crazy spending that our government is doing, we are borrowing money that can’t be paid off in a generation, therefore placing that burden on our unborn children who are not being represented by this money.

Further more, our government is also putting pressure on health insurers to provide birth control for free, which in turn will reduce the future tax payers.

It is a crying shame…

I am proud of the “Tea Party” representatives in our congress and I stand behind them 100%.

But don’t be confused, this vote on the debt ceiling was not a “Tea Party” victory. It was a defeat. There was not nearly enough cuts plus our representatives will not be in the “Super Committee” responsible for the cuts to be made.

Do not believe what they are telling you on ABC, NBS, CBS, CNN or HLN… They are all trying to paint this as a victory for the “Tea Party” because when it flops, we will be to blame.

Make sure to get over to http://www.theblaze.com to double check all the stories we being fed by the mainstream, basically government controlled media.

One last point, if you are part of the “Tea Party” keep speaking loud and clear with the truth. Senator John Kerry has already called for the media to not pay any attention to the “Tea Parties”, why would anyone want to silence another person or group of people?

It doesn’t make any sense…

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark


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