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What is the ONE Thing that You Would Change?

Let’s do some possibility thinking, there is one thing that you do that you wish you wouldn’t do anymore. This is a personal thing that effects all of us, individually.

It could be…




How you talk to others

How you think about others

How you handle your money

It could be anything.

What is the ONE thing that if you were to change would have the most positive effect on you and those around you?

With 2011 here, you can make the changes that will change your life forever.

Just think about what your life would be like, if you changed this one thing.

Would you be able to save more money?

Would you be able to effectively communicate with those around you better?

Would you be able to get that promotion that has been eluding you?

Would you be able to take that trip to Europe with the money you save by not smoking anymore?

What is that ONE thing you would change?

As human beings, we are just a bundle of habits. We have both physical and mental habits. Some of them, we are well aware of and some of them are working under the surface and we don’t even know that they are there.

Being able to identify these limiting habits and then making the necessary changes to them is paramount in our search for success.

Identification is only the first step…

From there we need to make the changes in what we think and what we do to replace this limiting habit.

This is a lot easier said then done.

My friend, Lee Milteer, has put together a wonderful program that addresses every aspect of habit change.

From identification straight through making the changes in your thoughts and actions that will make lasting change in your life.

Please do yourself a favor and check out this great program at http://www.habitbustingsystem.com 

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark


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