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Is There a Grey Area in Life?

We have a lot going on out there in the world now…

We continue to have all of the dictators in the Middle East being taken down one after another. The only thing to be determined is whether the “OLD” dictator will be replaced by another regime or will it become a true democratic republic. Will it really become a truly FREE country?

Which brings us to the next question, why is it that the countries surrounding Israel want them to be removed? Currently, Israel is the only democratic state in the area, if freedom from oppression were the true goal, then why would those countries want Israel wiped off the map?

All of this positioning is about one thing and that is… POWER!!

POWER over other human beings, in an effort to control them, control what they do, control what they watch, control where they work, control what they eat, control of everything.

Is it possible that the USA could be sold down the river for a global government?

Could the leaders of our country be selling us out for global power?

I was in Washington, DC this weekend, I love to visit and see all the memorials of all the people who gave up everything for this to be a free country.

We have the Washington Memorial that stands in the center. George Washington a man of HONOR, who everyone looked to, to become the first President of this free nation that they fought for.

We have the Jefferson Memorial for Thomas Jefferson who penned most of the documents from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution. He was a slave owner. He was also torn to pieces inside knowing that they set up this free nation but still had slaves.

Which leads us to the Lincoln Memorial, for Abraham Lincoln who tore this country apart in order to free the African American people who were still slaves. And his reward was death by assassination.

And then there is the Arlington Cemetery, the World War II memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial, that honor those who have laid down their lives for the freedom that our country currently enjoys.

What makes me sick to my stomach is that everyday we have the politicians working in that town with no honor.

A body of representatives who are getting themselves elected term after term while enslaving those who they are supposed to represent. They pander for votes by promising one group that they will get government hand outs by taking it from a group of people who have earned it and creating class warfare in their wake.

Our country was founded on the promise of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” not the guarantee of happiness.

But as our country grew and we got more prosperous with our newly found freedom, we had politicians who thought to themselves, “Wow, if we can redistribute the wealth from one group to another, we can get elected over and over again.”

They voted themselves pay raises and gave themselves the best in benefits and turned why was supposed to be a temporary position with very little pay for representing their areas to lifetime stints while playing both sides in the middle.

What a cushy arrangement that is, all while pointing fingers at each other saying it is the other guys fault and making little if any progress.

There is no grey area when it comes to honor, you are a person of honor or you are not.

Our government has taken all the values that made this country great and flushed them right down the toilet.

Our constitution is a divinely inspired document, written through men with the hand of God on their shoulders as they did it. But with every passing day, they are taking God out of it and we as a people are becoming more and more dependent on the government based on the programs that they have twisted based on those words.

Tomorrow, I will lay out some ideas on how we can break free from this systematic form of slavery that our government has laid out for us.

Until then think about honor and where do you stand with this in your life.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless you,

John Clark

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