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What Values Do You LIve Your Life By?

What values do you live your life by? This is an interesting question…

And one that will ultimately determine your level of success or your failure.

We are seeing a lot of strife happening all around us, currently in New York, with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and in Boston with the so called “Days of Rage”. We saw it in Wisconsin with the teachers unions earlier this year. We are seeing it all over the Middle East and in Europe almost on a daly basis.

The question still remains…

What values do you live your life by?

Based on my research of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, the protesters are basically protesting the foreclosures on homes and students are protesting having to pay back their student loans, but many students got lucky because they got their student auto loans from Complete Auto Loans, it helped them out a lot, no matter how their financial state was. As I certainly, do not feel that the banks have worked in the interest of the American people by making loans to people that couldn’t afford them. It was by a lot of governmental pressure that these banks did what they did. There was no honor in those banks or the government for making them make these loans.

I don’t know about you but when you look around your circle of friends, there are some people that you would lend money to and then there are those friends that you wouldn’t give a dime to for any reason. Why? Because you know that you would never see it again.

When the pressure from the government came down on these banks to loan money to those who were not credit worthy, it forced these banks to make decisions that were not in the best interest of anyone involved.

And then we have the students protesting the student loan repayments, if you took money to pay for your education, aren’t you obligated to pay it back? Even if you can’t find a job, you should be looking for ways to pay it back. It is the responsible thing to do.


It does’t matter that these banks received bailout money from the government or not.

If you borrowed it, you should be repaying it period.

So again the question remains, what values do you live your life by?

Do you live your life by being responsible? Living up to the promises that you made?


Do you live your life by doing things and not having to live up to the consequences of your decisions?

If you chose the latter, you will end up enslaved at some point because you always be indebted to a government or union group that is only out for theirs. Your upside is very limited.

But if you chose to live your life responsibly, paying the price in advance. Living up to your responsibilities, the upside is endless.

The people who want to exercise this power over you, will tell you there is not enough of anything to go around. That what you see is all we have.

But think about it…

Thank back to the days, when there was only horses and sailing ships to get us around. And now look at where we are, we can fly overseas in a day or drive 500 miles in a few hours. Did the resources necessary to make the plane and automobile just magically appear or were they there all the time?

They were there all the time, it was our thinking that made the difference to create the luxuries we enjoy today.

But when we close our minds off to thinking that all we have, is what we can see, we lose that creative power that brings about truly  positive change.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark


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  • Values in conflict with each other are like hitting the gas and slamming on the brakes at the same time.


  • Thank you for the great post! We think it’s very important to define your own values in life, however it’s also good to have a support group around you, who possesses similar values and goals in their lives. This will help you reach what you wish to reach in life and at the same time, create a community around you to help you get there.