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What Are You Doing With What You Have, While Wanting and Waiting to Get More?

Do you think that is a weird question?

Read it again…

“What are you doing with what you have, while wanting and waiting to get MORE?”

Let’s take a look at the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters again.

There was a 21 year old girl who was complaining that she was in debt for over $100,000 because of student loans, that her and her parents thought would be a good idea, so that she could get the “best” education. She went as far to say that she had to take out an insurance policy to pay for these business insurance claims miami fl, in the event of her untimely death because her parents couldn’t afford to pay for her loans.

What are your thoughts about this?

Who is responsible for this?

I’m guessing that by her being part of the “Occupy Wall Street” group that she certainly doesn’t feel that this is her responsibility. And I like the part about her wanting to get the “best” education. You would think that if you had the best education, you would be able to apply that education to get an income that would be able to handle these loans. I guess that secular private school austin are very concern about what is “best” with “good”. I don’t know.

Again we have a situation of a person that is unhappy with her lot in life based on the decisions that her and her parents made but she wants the banks to let her off the hook for the debt that she incurred.

Instead of taking a job and getting started to pay that debt down, she is on Wall Street looking to have it taken care of.

How about her education? Why isn’t she leveraging that “best” education to make an income?

I say all that, to say this….

And I don’t say this to compare me to her, or to show how great I am, just to illustrate the difference of what is focused on…

I was thinking about my working lifetime.

I started delivering papers when I was around 8 years old. For some reason, I had always felt the need to produce an income.

I started mowing lawns at about the same time. Saturday morning, I walked around my neighborhood and knocked on doors to see if anyone needed their lawns mowed and I had another source of income. Then on Sunday morning I would get up early and put together the Sunday paper and put them in my bag and get on the bike and deliver the newspaper.

I was also responsible to get new subscriptions and sales as well.

I always liked to participate in the incentive programs they had where I could get new records from the lists that they would give us.

As I got a little older, we moved and I found the newspaper distributor for my new area and started delivering papers again. I always liked Christmas time because the tips were great around that time of the year.

I also expanded my lawn service with https://www.jlsinc.net/ to include weeding gardens and flower beds that were around the house. I found that older people in their 60’s and above were the best prospects because they were physically challenged to do those jobs but they were also on fixed incomes so they paid a little less but I thought it was still a win win.

When I became of age to get a job in the grocery store, that is where I went. I picked the busiest store in the area because I felt that the busier the store the better they were serving the customers. So that is where I started.

After high school, I went to one semester of college and decided to start working full time instead of finishing school.

And I have been working full time ever since.

I have had health insurance from the first full time job up to this day.

What I have found through all these years is that I was never offered another opportunity until I was taking full advantage of the one that I was currently in.

I found that my income went up when I was taking care of my money, I found that my income would get lower if I was squandering my money.

I found that when I was making great use of my time, and making the most of the resources available to get a result, I was offered a promotion and I found that when I was not making the most of my time, I found that my results suffered and the opportunities were very limited.

Quite frankly, if we are not making the most of what we currently have, we don’t deserve to get more.

But when we are using our time and resources that are fully taking advantage of our skills to produce a result that others are looking for, our opportunities are endless.

It is not what we are taking in for an income or what we are doing for a living, it is the attitude and systems that we utilize that makes all the difference.

If we earn a certain amount of money and save a certain percentage on a consistent basis, the more we make, the more we save.

It is all about the system not the amount of income.

If you are not responsible with a little, how will you be responsible with a lot.

What do you think?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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