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Are You Going to Be Free or Are You Going to Be a Slave?

Have you read the headlines recently?

We are living in a world in conflict now and the answer to the question above is going to be determined by what side of the fence that you are standing on.

And there is no sitting on that fence…

So here is how the sides of the fence line up…

On side one, we have:

1. The protesters on Wall Street. Looking to have the playing field leveled or actually torn down. I have a question for you…

What do Barack Obama, the communists, the Nazi’s, Heraldo Rivera and Nancy Polosi have in common?

They all back the efforts of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters.

These are the people that are looking to tear down the banking system.

These are the people who agreed and signed for loans but do not want to be responsible to pay them back. They have lived in the homes and have gotten the educations but they do not feel that it is fair to pay the loans back.

They do not stand for PERSONAL responsibilty.

2. We have the people who do not live their lives by the “Golden”rule. They want what they feel is coming to them even if they didn’t do the work for it. Just because…

They feel that if you have any level of wealth in this country, it is because you are lucky and that your wealth should be taken from you and redistributed to those “less fortunate”.

3. We have people who focus on what others are doing and rely on other people to change, in order for them to be happy.

4. We have people who feel that you are too stupid to make the right decision on your own. We have people who feel that the government should be in control in every aspect of our daily life.


That is one side…

And on the other side…

1. We have those who believe in PERSONAL responsibility. Who believe that it is ok to try and FAIL. That success is not a guarantee.

These people often try and fail multiple times before they reach their success.

2. We have those who work their asses off for everything they get and who are trying to teach their family to do the same.

3. We have people who realize that they are responsible for the outcomes in their lives and who do NOT rely on others to change in order to make them happy.

As a matter of fact, if they find themselves in an unhappy situation, they look on the inside of themselves and make plans to make personal changes in the way they think and act to make the changes in their lives to become happy.

4. These people also look to continuously educate themselves in order to have skills that the market place values in order to continue to make a living and support their families.

5. These people treat others with respect and listen with empathy to those with differing views but try to find ways to meet on common ground. And will agree to walk away if there is no win-win situation.


The choice is yours and yours alone.

We are rapidly approaching a time where we will HAVE to make a decision.

What side of the fence are you going to be standing on?

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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