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Why It is Important to Pay Attention to Your Thinking

With the first week of 2012 in the history books, I hope you have made some good progress towards your New Year’s resolutions. I’m guessing you are part of one of three different groups:

1. You are still formulating your plan but haven’t made much progress yet. You don’t feel the plan is quite good enough yet and you want it to be perfect before you get going on it.

2. You are making some good progress and you feel that it has been pretty easy so far, you’ve made it to the gym everyday so far and you are getting your breath back and the workouts are getting a little easier and you are quite happy with your results so far.

3. You have made great progress so far BUT you have started to reward yourself with the exact things that were holding you back before. You have eaten that pizza three days in, because you have been doing pretty good.

It doesn’t matter what group you find yourself in, one of the most important things to consider is where you are with your thinking and even more important is have you been paying attention to what you have been thinking.

There are some thoughts that are working on you that are just under the surface. And those are the thoughts that are woking on you in that area that you are looking to change.

You have your regulars thoughts like:

“I can do this.”

“Ok, It’s time to get up and get to the gym.”

“You are a strong person and you can make past this ______________.”

And then there are those thoughts that are rattling around your head that you are not even aware of. Thoughts that have been working on your since early childhood.

“Your too skinny.”

“Give up. You’ll never do it.”

“You… yeah right.”

These are the thoughts that we allowed to sink into our subconscious as we were growing up. The thoughts that if we opened our minds and allowed ourselves to hear them, we could make lots of progress in our lives with our limiting goals.

One of the things that we could do in order to help us in this area is to pay very close attention to what we are thinking when we find ourselves in times of pressure with regards to our goal or resolution.

When the pressure starts to happen, this is the old limiting thoughts rising up to keep us “safe” and to maintain the self image that we have had up to this point in our lives.

But when we catch that limiting thought, it is a very liberating and the start of true and lasting change in our lives.

So start to day, start paying attention to the thinking in your area of concern.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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