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Success Through Using Effective Thinking Processes

When it comes to success and successful thinking, your thoughts ultimately do determine the direction of your life.
Your thinking, especially your subtle thinking, shapes the actions that you take and those actions determine the results that you get. For you to change your actions, you need to vigilant about the subtle thoughts that rattle around in your head.
The subtle thoughts that you have about your life have been developed over the years by the input of others. Thoughts about you from your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.
These thoughts could have come from well meaning but very misguided individuals that were looking out for your well being. But when we are young, we have no discerning capabilities, so we accept these thoughts into our operating thinking because of the authority positions of these people.
Some of these thoughts pertained to our habits or about what others thought we should develop as habits.
Thoughts or statements that pertained to our health, finances, work ethic, spiritual thinking and our relationships.
Being children with no discernment, we would generally accept these thoughts about us as fact and our actions would be shaped by these thoughts and our results would come from these thoughts.
As we get older and want to start making changes in our lives around these areas, these limiting thoughts that we accepted as children stand in our way and put up road blocks to stop us in our tracks when we start to make progress in these areas.
So how do we get this these limiting thoughts?
1. We need to listen for these thoughts. We have s constant flow of thoughts rolling through our heads every day and when start to change actions in our lives, we need to become extremely sensitive to the thoughts that we are thinking so we can find the limiting thoughts hat can hold us back.
2. We need to continuously take action towards our goals without ceasing. When we take forward movement towards our goals, our thoughts about these goals will come to the surface and hopefully we can catch the limiting thoughts.
3. We can never give up on making positive change in our lives. The fact is if we stop making forward progress nothing will ever change.
This is not an easy process but it is the only one that effectively works for habit change. For an in depth look at habit change make sure to check out: http://www.habitbustingsystem.com
As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,
God Less You,
John Clark

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