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The Main Reason for All That Ails This World…

With everything that is going on in this world right now, it’s not to hard to feel like everything is falling apart at the seams.

We have:

Class Warfare being waged all over the world.

This past Friday we seen all of Europe, except for Germany, downgraded by S&P.

We have a citizenship in the US that does not trust the government for any reason.

We also have a government who is proud of the amount of people who have dependent upon them for their source of living.

We have the Middle East about to explode with all the strife between Israel and Iran.

There is a huge focus on the monetary system that is controlling the money all over the world.


What is causing all of this to happen?

Well, in my opinion, I think we have:

1. A lot of lack of faith in God

2. A lot of abuse of power

3. With a whole of bunch of scarcity mentality

Just look at all the negative press that Tim Tebow has gotten as a believer in Christ. You can’t get through the sports section without someone throwing him under the bus for his faith in Jesus. Thankfully, he is not moved by this and presses on with his thankfulness and gratitude.

Look at our government over the last 20 years, there is an unprecedented power grab by our government that was escalated shortly after 9/11 with the Patriot Act and more recently with the bill that Obama just signed into law that considers the USA a battle ground and that they can round up citizens and hold them without due process. This virtually over turns our Bill of Rights. It is very scary… Taking that a step further, we have Homeland Security now monitoring all the social networks and keeping all the files. For some reason with this stuff in the hands of the people we have in power, I don’t feel safe.

And last but not least, we have a majority of people in this world that think that everything that we need to survive is running out. Take a few minutes to read this blog post for my thoughts on this.

There is only one way that we can allow this stuff to happen… And that is by not taking care of ourselves and our families and letting the government become to needed.

If we were to do the right thing like save our money to take care of ourselves instead of relying on the government to do this for us, we would not be in this situation.

But instead, we have allowed the government to grow to big and now too many people rely on them for their survival and we are staring down the barrel of 3rd and 4th generations welfare and food stamp recipients.

And because of this when we try to draw back these programs, way to many people are effected by them. These programs should have been the last resort.

People often ask me, well what are these people supposed to do?

Here is how I see the whole thing:

Because we have turned away from our faith in God, our family units have fallen apart to the point of a 50% divorce rate. If we maintained our faith in God and the biblical principles we wouldn’t be so fast to pull the trigger when it comes to divorce.

So we end up with crumbling families. The economical and emotional effects of a broken family carry on to the children.

The fathers see their pay not reaching as far having to support two houses, so they throw in the towel and the mothers now have to turn to the government for support. As the children grow up this is how they seem to think the world is and they fall into the programs and the cycle starts to repeat itself.

Slowly, we have more people relying on the government then paying the government in taxes and the class warfare begins.

From there it is not too long before a great nation or society crumbles.


I apologize for this being such a negative message. But there is hope.

And it all starts with the person that you look at in the mirror everyday.

When we start to look at ways that we can start serving those around us, our focus changes. When we start to focus on how we can serve instead of how much we are getting or not getting and the latter starts to take care of itself like it was a perfect system that was set up. It is a perfect system, we just need to  have faith and work within the system as it setup and get out of the way.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

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