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How Are You Doing on Those New Years Resolutions?

Well we are well into February and the new year and the question is…

“How are you doing on those New Years Resolutions?”

Well if your anything like me you are doing well on some and not so well on the others. So what is it about those other changes that you were looking to make that are holding you back?

Do you not have enough time?

Do you not have enough money?

Are you just not as fired up about them as you were when the new year began?

With those questions in mind, we need to get these resolutions either moving forward or we need to get them cleared off the slate. And here is why, if we continue to move forward these unresolved resolutions will end up becoming anchors to us as we try to achieve other goals.

They were important enough for us to write them down and contemplate them to become resolutions, so they are still there in the back of our minds drawing our attention, even in the slightest way causing a distraction for us.

So here are 3 actions steps to take on those unresolved resolutions at this point:

1. Recommit to it RIGHT NOW, and get started on it immediately. Stop reading this message right now and get going it!!

2. Defer it to a date in the future for reconsideration and forget about until that day and then run it through these three steps again.

3. Clear it off of your plate completely and forget about it completely. Think about the plate you eat off of for a second, when you go to a restaurant and your plate comes out, isn’t there that portion of whatever it is on that plate that you will not eat. I mean there is stuff that is on that plate that I don’t even want messing with the good food on there at all. The first thing that I do is find an empty plate on the table and remove it, that way I can concentrate on the yummy delicious food that is left on the plate. At home, I am lucky I can put whatever I want on the plate unless my wife makes my plate and she is always trying to sneak those green beans on there, YUCK!!

Start today!! It is only February there is plenty of time this year to reach even the goals that you have not even started on yet. But the key here is to not allow those unresolved resolution to anchor you down. If they are still attached to you they will impede your forward motion even on the goals that you are really excited about.

As Always, Here’s to Your LifetoSuccess,

God Bless You,

John Clark

P.S. Most of our resolutions will require habit change in our lives. If you are serious about making these changes in your life, make sure to get over to http://www.habitbustingsystem.com , this is a great program on habit change by the great Lee Milteer. It is worth the time.

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